Delta Theta Sigma owns two properties, the Delta Theta Sigma Chapter House, and the “Little House,” on adjacent properties. The houses are located across the street from the St. Paul campus, and within a 15-minute drive or bus-ride of the Minneapolis campus. 


The Chapter House and Little House provide all basic amenities. There are 13 bedrooms in the Chapter House and four in the Little House, with room for 34 total occupants. Bedrooms are furnished with a bed, desk, and closet. Wifi, printing, laundry, and utilities are provided. In addition, there are a number of public spaces in both houses for dining, studying, socializing, and leisure.


Parking is available to members, renters, and to anyone interested. Parking contracts are available semesterly and over the summer at a competitive rate. Please contact Treasurer Kyle Nelson more information.

Kyle Nelson: nels9355@umn.edu


A meal plan is available for everyone living in the house, members and renters alike. The Food Manager is in charge of planning meals and purchasing ingredients for meals. Members of the fraternity and friends of the house prepare lunch at noon and dinner at 6:00 pm during the week. Breakfast and general items are available at all times. Meal plans can be customized to allow flexibility around class and work schedules.


The House Manager oversees the care and upkeep of both properties. All members and renters of the Chapter House are assigned cleaning areas each week to ensure the house stays clean and orderly. The House Manager purchases household supplies, makes repairs as necessary, and coordinates indoor and outdoor maintenance.


Housing contracts are also available semesterly and over the summer at a competitive rate. If you have any questions about living at Delta Theta Sigma as a member or renter, please contact House Manager Ben Desrosier for more information.

Ben Desrosier: desro053@umn.edu