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Contact Alumni: alumni@deltathetasigma.org for further information regarding alumni activities, questions, or for finding alumni contacts.

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The Endowment Fund - is made up of donations from active and alumni members of the Delta chapter. The sole purpose of the endowment fund is for upgrades or construction of a new chapter house.  The principal can only be used for the construction of a new building, and would require a vote at the annual meeting to do so.  Any interest or capital gains can be used can be used for existing improvements if the alumni board deems necessary.  Our goal is to grow this fund quickly and responsibly for the eventual construction of a new house.
To make donations please send to: 

Dave Pauling
604 Vrtis Lane
New Prague, MN 56071

Job Postings - If any alumni are looking to hire anyone we would be more than happy to post a job opening on our website for you.  Just send an e-mail to the contact below.


The Delta Theta Sigma Alumni Board - Delta Chapter would like to hear from their fellow alumni.  Contact us and find out what is going on with the Delta Theta Sigma Chapter.  We have created an e-mail Listserv, via Google Groups, that will be used to send you updates from Delta Theta Sigma.  Send an e-mail to the contact above to be included.