Ben Desrosier

Hometown: Forest Lake, MN

Major: Plant Science

Graduation: Spring 2025

Ben is from the southern part of Forest Lake where he raised game hens and quail. Going to the University of Minnesota has been a dream of his since he was in 8th grade because he would be surrounded by the best of the best in Plant Science, Agronomy, and Horticulture, there is no better than the U! Upon arrival to campus, the only people he really knew was his Bailey Hall roommate and a couple of FFA  Alum. No one quite made Ben feel at home than the guys in DTS. He knew this was where he was meant to be and joined Fall of 2021. Aside from DTS, Ben is also involved in Crops & Soils club, Horticulture Club, Archery club, Sustainable Plant Systems Club, CFANS Undergraduate Student Board, and Campus Clean-up volunteering. Ben has already held numerous executive roles including President within Delta Theta Sigma as well as student groups listed previously. The many connections he has made and encouragement he has received fuels his drive for excellence. His grit and determination continues to allow him to open new doors and forever strive for more.